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  • 9 Books
  • At Pioneer Works, publishing is essential to artistic practice. Pioneer Works Press is our award-winning imprint, dedicated to supporting experimental and pathbreaking work from leading artists and writers in contemporary culture. Sales raised from the PW Store are reinvested into funding new, ambitious projects by emerging and underrepresented artists and writers.  

    Included in this bundle is:

    Disassembler by Maria Antelman, $25 

    Tongue Stones by  Clara Halpern & Laura McLean-Ferris, $20

    Simultaneous Soloists by Anthony McCall & David Grubbs, $35

    The Six-Sided Force by Louise Despont, $10

    The Present Is the Form of All Life: The Time Capsules of Ant Farm and LST, $45

    It Was A Time by Shezad Dawood, $20

    Intercourse 2 , $24

    Intercourse 3 , $24

    Intercourse 4, $24 

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