Amelia Winger-Bearskin: "Talk To Me About Water" Sticker

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Water is a huge, monumental, fundamental amazing thing. Because of that most people when I strike up a conversation about water will first tell me they do not know a lot about a particular part of the water story. Even water scientists are humble on this. We all are learning and not one of us knows precisely how the climate crisis will pan out in our near future, but we all know water will be the center of that story. So I think it is important to bridge the gap between water scientists and the general population, so we can begin to tell water stories and address the global water crisis. It is said that “The future is here it’s just not evenly distributed.” It’s the same way with the water crisis— it will be a crisis for all of us one day, but currently, those shouldering the most of this burden are the global indigenous, the water protectors seeking to stop the extraction and pollution of their ecosystems. It feels far away now, but their water is our water or will be soon. If we don’t listen to them it’s like we’re ignoring a message from the future. Part of Talk to me About Water is also bridging that gap for those who are experiencing the water crisis more acutely to hear from them, unfiltered.


This project was created by resident Amelia Winger-Bearskin and you can learn more about it at

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