Nick Oh Pot

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Dave Kim the Potter uses influences from his Korean heritage to create unique, aesthetic and functional work. He believes that by creating work that is in direct dialogue with historic Korean pottery, he is preserving a culture that is slowly dissipating in modern society. Currently based in Brooklyn, NY, he continues to carry on older traditions within a contemporary multicultural context.

Each pottery Kim creates is centered on form, surface, color, and material— elements he derives from traditional Korean pottery techniques. His work incorporates a variety of styles: Sang-gam (Korean inlay technique), Baek-ja (porcelain-ware typically known for Moonjars), and Bun-cheong (technique that uses stamps). The work also reflects new techniques Kim devised in his practice through experimentation.

Kim is invested in creating work that both revitalizes and  honors the core tenets of Korean pottery: simplicity in natural, unpretentious beauty. 

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