Matt Evans: New Topographics CD

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  • Author: Matt Evans
  • April 2020
  • New Topographics is an aqueous collection of drum driven, ambient adjacent, hypnotic soundscapes that radiate from a liminal zone between the physical and the digital. Following an impulse toward percussive abstraction, Matt Evans (Tigue, Bearthoven, Man Forever) collages the sounds of writing, typing, morse code and others— swirling sonic byproducts from our communication systems— with percussive improvisations and synthesized “creatures” to trace imagined landscapes in a sea of noise. Synthetics and acoustics cross currents, unifying rubbery harmonies, wandering melodies, and incidental noises into a dreamy cybernetic ecology.

    Matt Evans is a composer and percussionist producing acoustic and electronic music, collaborative performances, and concept-driven recording projects through an eco-fictional lens. Taking cues from interwoven organic species, entangled online networks, and intersectional thinking, Evans uses drum-driven hypnotic soundscapes and embodied improvisatory performance to question the unknowable and absurd relationships between the human experience, capital-driven consumerism, and ecological systems. These projects imagine new ways to care for ecosystems and communities while engaging in art-making that applies research, ritual, and abstraction.

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