Long Distance Poison: Astro Topoi Vinyl LP

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  • Author: Long Distance Poison
  • 12 x 10
  • October 2018
  • Long Distance Poison is the NY-based experimental electronics duo of Nathan Cearley and Erica Bradbury. The duo has spent the last decade exploring the corners of extended, transportive synth sessions sculpted from Cearley’s psuedo-random and generative modular systems and Bradbury’s intuitive analog keyboards. Their musical textures range from smeared synthetic washes to crunched, distorted tones, to segments of glistening arpeggios. LDP has performed at the Ende Tymes Festival, the Basilica Hudson 24-Hour Drone Festival, The Wassaic Project, the MOMA PS1 NY Art Book Fair, the Voice of the Valley Noise Festival and Pioneer Works. In 2015, they did a residency at Clocktower Galley called Sacred Music After a God, and in 2017 they did a video synthesis installation at Printed Matter for their mind control experiment Rheomodes. They have releases on Hausu Mountain, Deep Distance, Oxtail Recordings, Constellation Tatsu, Ecstatic Peace!, Foxy Digitalis, Baked Tapes, VCO Recordings and other fine strange imprints.

    Astro Topoi was released by UK label Deep Distance in the fall of 2018. Recorded in Brooklyn, the long form song "Ausunya" was originally conceived as part of their summer residency for the Clocktower Gallery at Pioneer Works and originally performed there. The album features art by Deep Distance/Polytechnic Youth label owner Dom Martin and a back cover essay by poet Peter Milne Greiner.

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