Speculative Fictions Zine

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  • 5.5 x 8.5 Inches

  • Resident Alum Erin Johnson expanded on her work with the letters of closeted lovers Rachel Carson and Dorothy Freeman in a 2021 Pioneer Works class. Using generative text training apps, participants collaboratively drafted speculative letters, filling in the gaps created in the correspondence of Carson and Freeman after they burned many of their letters. The speculative letters were collected and drafted into a collective zine.

    Proceeds will benefit City of Asylum. City of Asylum builds a just community by protecting and celebrating freedom of creative expression.

    Erin Johnson is an artist living and working in Brooklyn. Her single and multi-channel video installations blend documentary, experimental, and narrative filmmaking devices and foreground the ways in which individual lives and sociopolitical realities merge. Comprised of footage of site-specific performances, the videos explore how power structures are communicated through relationships, focusing on histories of nationalism and place.

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