The Bomb (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Bomb (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Limited Release Vinyl

“The one piece of connective tissue throughout the film, besides the subject itself, is the film’s score, from Los Angeles electronic minimalist outfit The Acid. Throughout a harrowing parade of images and fleeting moments of whimsy, the droning, pulsating music underneath brings an alternating sense of dread and power.”

– Indie Wire

The Acid came together from four separate worlds. They are globe-trotting, Grammy-nominated DJ and producer Adam Freeland, Californian Steve Nalepa, whose time is divided between being a producer, composer and professor of music technology; Berkley graduate, LA-based artist Jens Kuross; and Australian artist and producer RY X. The Acid’s highly acclaimed debut album, Liminal, came out in 2014.

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