Thin Places: Essays from In Between

"Kisner displays an impressive range of narrative modes in [Thin Places], bouncing nimbly between gravity (in her ethnography and her bird’s-eye philosophizing) and comic relief, which she peppers in just when our heads are starting to spin . . . In 'The Other City,' about the months she spent reporting on death investigations and autopsies in Cleveland, Kisner writes: 'Leaving the office every night, I’d get breathless rushes of reality.' That’s a lot like what these essays feel like, too: reminders of the weird in-between feeling of being alive." Lauren Christensen, The New York Times Book Review

"With this collection, [Jordan Kisner] takes her place among the next generation of American Transcendentalists, and those true essayists for whom nothing human is too strange to write about . . . She’s one of the few contemporary writers who knows how to bridge spiritual and temporal worlds, but who’s also able to alter and expand our understanding of the metaphors we live by through immersive research and writing. Reading [Kisner], I always feel my horizons and sense of the world expanding.” ―Marco Roth, n+1
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