Software for Artists Book: Building Better Realities

  • Softcover
  • 128 pages
  • 4.7 x 8.2in
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  • July 2020
  • Series: Software for Artists Book
  • ISBN: 9781945711121
  • How can we co-opt digital tools to build a more beautiful future? In the spring of 2020—amidst a global pandemic, economic depression, and transformational movement for racial equity—we talked to artists and activists about tech’s potential to help reinvent our shared realities. Published by Pioneer Works Press in collaboration with The Creative Independent and, Software for Artists Book: Building Better Realities is edited by Willa Köerner, and features contributions from Salome Asega, Stephanie Dinkins, Grayson Earle, ann haeyoung, Rindon Johnson, Ryan Kuo, and Tsige Tafesse—plus 47 Digital Diary entries from our community.

    About Software for Artists Book series

    Driven by a desire to challenge existing frameworks and present creative alternatives, the Software for Artists Book series explores our complex and often slippery relationships with new technologies. Each book features the voices of critically engaged artists, researchers, writers, and organizers who are working at the forefront of the web, virtual embodiment, decentralized networks, AI, and beyond. 

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