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  • Author: Yoyo Munk
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • 8.25 x 9.5 inches
  • March 2023
  • ISBN: 9780903696661
  • As a species, we have grown comfortable eradicating ecosystems to architect spaces, cordoning ourselves off from the natural world. However, facing the consequences of the climate crisis, we must re-evaluate our ideas about what is permanent and resilient and what is fragile. Taking inspiration from nature, Medusa began with the question: is there even such a thing as non-physical architecture? What is the function of architecture without physical form? 

    Medusa is a mixed reality experience produced by Tin Drum—a collective of artists, designers and technologists founded in 2016—and directed by scientist and artist Yoyo Munk in collaboration with architect Sou Fujimoto. Utilizing the medium of mixed reality, it comprises an architecture of pure sensory experience, a structure that does not physically exist and yet transforms the experience of being within a physical space. Drawing inspiration from atmospheric auroras as well as deep sea dwelling siphonophores, the experience investigates the conflicts and balances between architecture and nature, permanence and fragility, signal and noise, and individual and collective.

    Published by Hurtwood Press, London in conjunction with the presentation of Medusa at Pioneer Works, this 320-page fully illustrated compendium features fascinating conversations between Yoyo and James Bridle, artist and author of Ways of Being; Veronica Strang, cultural anthropologist and recipient of UNESCO’s Water Prize; and Seirian Sumner, behavioral ecologist and author of Endless Forms: The Secret World of Wasps. With a poetic contribution from Octavia Bright, poet, academic and author of Ragged Grace: A Memoir of Recovery and Renewal. Featuring shots of the installation and full of beautiful imagery, Medusa is a timely and moving artist’s book about climate grief.

    Images copyright Hurtwood Press and George House.

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