Alex Mctigue: Petit Mal

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  • Author: Alex Mctigue
  • Hard Cover
  • 486 pages
  • 5x7"
  • Alex Mctigue received his MFA in Visual Arts from Columbia University and a BFA in Photography from SVA. In 2017 he was a participant of the SOMA summer residency program in Mexico City. 
    Petit Mal, is a delirious descent into the madness of reexamining one’s own library. It is a book about the search itself. Within its pages lay a view into a psyche which may feel familiar to those who collect, who re-read, and those of us who continue to rely on art, reading and the written word for a source of contemporary meaning. With cited pages stemming from poems, literature, record sleeves, essays and artworks alike, the reader is led along one particular dizzying path out of the labyrinth.   

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